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It’s a Christmas miracle. Probably.

Ho, ho, ho, everyone.

Santa (or Satan, can’t be sure) got me something special this season. Apparently, I was a good boy (I have to admit that I did brush my teeth twice a day and killed practically no one in 2020) so I deserved it.

Here’s how it happened: since I’m a total doofus as far as launches go, I just went and nonchalantly posted Looxie on Product Hunt about a week ago. As was expected, after it got a couple of votes, it sank into the pitch-black abyss of the Newest tab, from whence not even James Cameron…

Most people don’t know this but ducks have weirdly-shaped dicks. Also, I code. A lot.

In fact, my interest in design started not with me wanting to create logos or book covers but, rather, user interfaces for my apps. However, coding day in and day out with Courier can get pretty fucking boring.

That’s why I went looking for alternative monospaced fonts for my IDE. I found many, but only a few stuck around to contribute to my haphazardly thrown-together loops and conditionals. This list includes my four favorite monospaced fonts for IDE and console use. …

Calendas Plus

Let’s get something out of the way: atipo is my favorite foundry but I’m not affiliated with them in any way.

Now let’s get something else out of the way: Calendas is not 100% free, but it might as well be. What I mean by that is that you can get the Regular style by ‘paying’ with a Twitter or Facebook share or get the complete family (which includes Regular, Italic and Bold styles) by paying using a ‘name your price’ model (prices start a five euros, with a maximum of 100€).

Calendas Plus is my favorite typeface in this…

Sorts Mill Goudy

My third selection for this week’s Free Serif Fonts feature is Barry Schwarz’s Sorts Mill Goudy. The typeface is inspired by Goudy Old Style and, you know, it kinda shows.

This particular variant has found a home on The League of Movable Type and, if you’re like me, ie. distracted by shiny objects, you may initially ignore it in favor of more impressive, impactful typefaces like Orbitron and League Gothic.

However, when the time came for me to work on a heavily text-based app, what was the typeface I crawled back to and begged for forgiveness? You guessed it.



Fabian De Smet’s (awesome name, bud) Butler is, according to its designer

a mix between both Dala Floda & the amazing Bodoni family

I can definitely see the Bodoni influence in the highly-contrasting strokes of the letterforms. The Dala Floda influence is more apparent in the stencil version of the typeface.

Here are a couple of rules to live your life by:

  • Love thy neighbor.
  • When Design Cuts releases a font bundle, you buy the goddamn font bundle.

Cormorants look kinda pathetic so here are some seagulls.


Let’s start with a pretty great one. Cormorant claims to be inspired by the Garamond heritage but tweaked for use in large display sizes, while not compromising on legibility at lower sizes.

Here’s what the type designer himself has to say about the typeface:

Cormorant is characterized by scandalously small counters, razor-sharp serifs, dangerously smooth curves, and flamboyantly tall accents.

Does it accomplish what it sets out to do? We’ve set our crack team of investigative typographists on the case and they’ve delivered a verdict that’s sure to shock many (fig. 1)

Make it feel like something

For the past month or so, I’ve been a tester for an app called Three.do. Three.do is a to-do app with a twist: it aims to make to-do reminder creation a simple, three-step process that doesn’t even need to involve any typing on your part.

This is how the app works: as soon as you open it, you’re presented with a screen that says “who” and a list of the possible people the reminder under creation concerns (people like “partner”, “client”, “boss”, “doctor” etc). Once you make a selection by tapping a tile, you get another screen called “what” on…

I know it’s childish. I don’t care.

Join the Java Resistance!


I’m aware that it’s childish but the reason I refuse to code in Kotlin is what I call the Kult of Kotlin.​

I know Kotlin is a nice language. In fact, I have studied it quite a bit. I bought (and read) books about it, purchased and watched tutorials on Udemy, the works.

The reason? I didn’t want to get left behind. I wanted to be fitter, happier, more productive.

Turns out, I wasn’t fitter (that’s an understatement). I wasn’t happier. And I wasn’t more productive.

Do you know what I was? Pretty comfortable in Java land. But still…

And if you like swearing, anus jokes and XML, you’d be mad to miss it

I’m going to keep this one short: since most people on Medium have followed me because of my Android-related ramblings, I think that I owed you this.

My book ‘Android Development for Gifted Primates: A Beginner’s Guide’ is out on Amazon and it has already gained the #1 New Release badge.

Normally, the book costs $3.99 (it used to be $20 on Gumroad, so that was already a pretty sweet deal) but it will be free until the 5th on August, 2018 — in ‘right now’ terms, until Sunday.

To get it for the amazing price of zero dot zero…

Antonis Tsagaris

Founder @ Looxie (http://looxie.co) Android developer for http://codehousefive.com, author of Android Development for Gifted Primates https://amzn.to/2ApMFwe

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